Litter Pollution Act 1997

Prevention of creation of litter.


8. (1) A local authority shall take all practicable measures for the prevention of the creation, and for the prevention and overcoming of the polluting effects, of litter in its functional area and for the control and disposal of litter and, for those purposes, may enter into arrangements with, or assist, other persons (including other local authorities) for or in the taking of such measures on behalf of the authority.

(2) Measures taken pursuant to subsection (1) shall include—

(a) measures for the collection and disposal of litter,

(b) measures to promote awareness of the polluting effects of litter,

(c) measures to encourage participation by persons in preventing and overcoming the polluting effects of litter and in the collection and disposal of litter including the provision and maintenance, in public places and adjacent to public roads, of litter receptacles of such type and quantity as the local authority considers necessary to prevent the creation of litter, and

(d) the undertaking of works and the provision of facilities and services in relation to litter, including publicity, advisory and educational services.

(3) Where a local authority provides and maintains litter receptacles at any place, it shall make arrangements for the regular emptying and cleaning of such receptacles at such frequency as will ensure that no such receptacle or its contents will become a nuisance or be the cause of litter.

(4) A local authority may empty and clean litter receptacles that are provided by any other person.