Litter Pollution Act 1997

Requirements of litter management plan.


11. (1) A litter management plan shall—

(a) specify such objectives as the local authority deems are appropriate to prevent and control litter in its functional area,

(b) specify the measures to encourage public awareness with a view to eliminating litter pollution, including educational and information measures directed at young persons,

(c) specify the measures or arrangements that are to be undertaken by the local authority in order to attain the objectives of the plan, and

(d) include information on, or be formulated having regard to—

(i) an appraisal of all existing litter prevention and control programmes being operated by the local authority,

(ii) the policies and objectives of the local authority in relation to the prevention and control of litter,

(iii) the measures which, in so far as the local authority can determine, will or may be taken during the relevant period by persons other than the local authority for the purposes of preventing and controlling litter,

(iv) the facilities at which waste may be deposited by members of the public for recovery or disposal within the meaning of the Waste Management Act, 1996,

(v) the steps to be taken by the local authority to enforce the provisions of this Act in its functional area, and

(vi) any incidental and ancillary matters.

(2) A litter management plan may specify objectives to be attained in litter prevention and cleanliness for designated areas within its functional area and different objectives may be specified for different areas or classes of area.

(3) In making or reviewing a litter management plan, the local authority shall have regard to the proper planning and development of its functional area and shall, for that purpose, have regard to the provisions of the development plan and any special amenity area order made under the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1963, for the time being in force in relation to the area and the provisions of any waste management plan made under the Waste Management Act, 1996.

(4) Where objectives referred to in subsection (2) are specified in a litter management plan, the local authority shall take such steps as it deems appropriate and necessary to attain the objectives.