Family Law Act 1995

Preliminary orders in proceedings for judicial separation.


6.Where an application is made to the court for the grant of a decree of judicial separation, the court, before deciding whether to grant or refuse to grant the decree, may, in the same proceedings and without the institution of proceedings under the Act concerned, if it appears to the court to be proper to do so, make one or more of the following orders—

F7[(a) an order under section 6, 7, 8 or 10 of the Act of 2018,]

(b) an order under section 11 of the Act of 1964,

(c) an order under section 5 or 9 of the Family Home Protection Act, 1976.




Substituted (1.01.2019) by Domestic Violence Act 2018 (6/2018), s. 45(b), S.I. No. 532 of 2018.

Editorial Notes:


Previous affecting provision: para. (a) substituted (27.03.1996) by Domestic Violence Act 1996 (1/1996), s. 21(b), commenced as per s. 25(1); substituted as per F-note above.