Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994

F32[Transition to another form of employment

6F. (1) Subject to subsection (2), an employee who has been in the continuous service of an employer for not less than 6 months and who has completed his or her probationary period, if any, may request a form of employment with more predictable and secure working conditions where available and receive a reasoned written reply from his or her employer.

(2) An employee may, once in any 12 month period, request a form of employment in accordance with subsection (1).

(3) An employer shall provide the reasoned written reply referred to in subsection (1) to an employee within one month of the request by the employee.

(4) An employer may provide an oral reply where a subsequent similar request is submitted by the same worker where the situation of the worker remains unchanged.

(5) This section shall not apply to seafarers or sea fishermen.]




Inserted (16.12.2022) by European Union (Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions) Regulations 2022, S.I. No. 686 of 2022, reg. 12.