Investment Limited Partnerships Act 1994

F104[Establishment and maintenance of central register.


50. (1) There is, by virtue of this section, established a register which shall be known as the "Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Investment Limited Partnerships" and is in this Act referred to as the "central register".

(2) The central register shall be maintained by the Registrar; the information required by sections 51 to 59 to be delivered or submitted to the Registrar shall be entered in that register by the Registrar and that register shall be kept in such form as the Registrar considers appropriate.

(3) The provision made by subsection (2) as respects entry of information in the central register is subject to subsection (5) of section 52 (which prohibits disclosure of a PPS number).]




Inserted (1.03.2021) by Investment Limited Partnerships (Amendment) Act 2020 (31/2020), s. 39, S.I. No. 19 of 2021.