Health Insurance Act 1994

Prohibition of inducements by registered undertakings.


11.A registered undertaking or a person acting on behalf of such an undertaking shall not—

(a) make or offer to make a payment to a person,

(b) forego or offer to forego a payment or part of a payment from a person,

(c) give or offer to give any goods to a person,

(d) provide or offer to provide any service for a person, or

(e) give or provide or offer to give or provide any other thing of value to or for a person,

as an inducement to the person—

(i) to terminate or not to effect or renew a health insurance contract with that undertaking, or

(ii) (I) to forego a payment to or on behalf of the person in respect of a hospital in-patient service or F93[a relevant] health service under a health insurance contract effected between the undertaking and the person, and

(II) to avail of his or her entitlements under Chapter II of Part IV of the Health Act, 1970, as respects the service.




Substituted (19.11.2001) by Health Insurance (Amendment) Act 2001 (17/2001), s. 13(d), S.I. No. 514 of 2001.