Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992

F166[Notice of decision in relation to designated application


88B. When a decision is taken under section 83(1), in relation to a designated application, to grant or refuse a licence, the Agency shall inform the public, and such persons as may be prescribed in accordance with regulations under section 89, of its decision and shall make available to the public the following information:

(a) the content of the decision and any conditions attached thereto;

(b) the main reasons and considerations on which the decision is based;

(c) any reports referred to in section 83(2A)(g);

(d) information on the procedures to review the substantive and procedural legality of the decision;

(e) such other information as the Minister may prescribe.]




Inserted (3.03.2023) by Environmental Protection Agency (Emergency Electricity Generation) (Amendment) Act 2023 (6/2023), s. 7, S.I. No. 136 of 2023.