Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992

Environmental research.


71.(1) The functions of the Agency in relation to environmental research shall include the matters specified in this section.

(2) (a) The Agency shall advise the Minister on the need for environmental research and shall, at such intervals as the Minister may specify (or, where for the time being no intervals are specified by the Minister, at such intervals as it thinks fit) prepare programmes of such research.

(b) Programmes under this section shall specify—

(i) the subjects in relation to which research is necessary and the objectives of such research,

(ii) the manner in which and the persons or bodies by which such research could be carried out,

(iii) the estimated cost of particular research projects or operations.

(c) Programmes under this section shall be prepared after consultation with such persons or bodies as may be prescribed.

(3) (a) The Agency shall, from time to time, prepare and publish registers of environmental research projects and operations being carried out, or proposed to be carried out, in the State and which shall be available for inspection by any person free of charge at the Agency's headquarters during office hours.

(b) The Agency shall, insofar as is practicable, co-ordinate environmental research in the State and, for that purpose, may advise any public authority or any other person or body at the request of such person or body in relation to the allocation of financial support or other facilities for such research.

(4) The Agency may assist by money or in kind, or by the provision of services and facilities (including the services of staff), any person or body carrying out, or proposing to carry out, environmental research.

(5) The Agency may carry out, cause to be carried out, or arrange for, environmental research in accordance with a programme prepared under subsection (2).

(6) The Agency shall, in consultation with the Minister, establish and maintain liaison with the Commission of the European Communities and any other international organisation in relation to programmes of environmental research carried out, promoted, or assisted by the Commission or such other organisation, and shall promote and facilitate, as far as possible, participation in such programmes by persons and bodies in the State.