Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992

Agency's quorum, vacancies, etc.


26.(1) The quorum for a meeting of the Agency shall be not less than two.

(2) Subject to subsection (1), the Agency may act notwithstanding a vacancy or vacancies in the office of Director General or among the directors.

(3) Where a vacancy occurs in the office of Director General, or among the directors, the Minister shall, as soon as may be, take steps to fill the vacancy.

(4) (a) Where, owing to the illness of the Director General or of a director, or for any other reason, a sufficient number of directors of the Agency is not available to enable the Agency effectively to perform its functions, the Minister may, as an interim measure, appoint from among the officers of the Minister who are established civil servants for the purposes of the Civil Service Regulation Act, 1956, one or more persons to be a director and, where necessary, one to be Deputy Director General.

(b) A person shall not be appointed to be a director or Deputy Director General under this subsection for a term in excess of six months and may not be reappointed on more than three occasions.