Child Abduction and Enforcement of Custody Orders Act 1991

Provision of certain documents by courts in the State for purposes of Hague Convention.


16.As respects a decision relating to custody made by a court in the State (including a declaration made by the Court under section 15 of this Act) the registrar or clerk of the court shall, at the request of a person who wishes to make an application under the Hague Convention in a Contracting State other than the State or at the request on his behalf of the Central Authority in the State and subject to any conditions that may be specified by rules of court, give to the person or the Central Authority, as the case may be, the following documents—

(a) a copy of the decision duly authenticated;

(b) Where the decision was given in default of appearance, the original or a copy, certified by the registrar or clerk of the court to be a true copy, of a document establishing that notice of the institution of proceedings was served on the person in default.