Bankruptcy Act 1988


F74 [ Annulment of adjudication in bankruptcy.

85C . (1) A person shall be entitled to an annulment of his adjudication

( a ) where he has shown cause pursuant to section 16 , or

( b ) in any other case where, in the opinion of the Court, he ought not to have been adjudicated bankrupt.

(2) An order of annulment shall provide that any property of the bankrupt then vested in the Official Assignee shall be revested in or returned to the bankrupt, and that order shall for all purposes be deemed to be a conveyance, assignment or transfer of that property to the bankrupt and, where appropriate, may be registered accordingly.

(3) A person whose bankruptcy has been annulled may apply to the Official Assignee for the issue of a certificate that the bankruptcy has been annulled. ]