Bankruptcy Act 1988

Limitation of Official Assignee’s powers in relation to copyright.



48.Where the property of a bankrupt comprises the copyright in any work or any interest in such copyright and he is liable to pay to the author royalties or a share of the profits in respect thereof—

( a) the Official Assignee shall not be entitled to sell or authorise the sale of any copies of the work, or to perform or authorise the performance of the work, except on the terms of paying to the author such sums by way of royalty or share of the profits as would have been payable by the bankrupt, and

( b) he shall not be entitled to assign the right or transfer the interest or to grant any interest in the right by licence, except with the consent of the author or of the Court and upon terms which will secure to the author payments by way of royalty or share of the profits at a rate not less than that which the bankrupt was liable to pay.