Bankruptcy Act 1988

Examination of bankrupt and other persons.

(1857, ss. 305 in pt., 306, 307, 308, 310; cf. 33/1963, s. 245)


21. (1) The Court may summon before it a bankrupt or any person who is known or suspected to have in his possession or control any property of the bankrupt or to have disposed of any property of the bankrupt or who is supposed to be indebted to the bankrupt, or any person whom the Court deems capable of giving information relating to the trade, dealings, affairs or property of the bankrupt.

(2) The Court may examine him on oath concerning the matters aforesaid, either orally or on written interrogatories, and may reduce his answers to writing and require him to sign them.

F25 [ (3) The Court may require him to produce any books of account, other papers or records (including copies of such books of account, other papers or records held in electronic form) in his possession or control relating to the matters aforesaid but, where he claims any lien on books, papers or records produced by him, the production shall be without prejudice to that lien and the Court may determine all questions in relation to the lien. ]

(4) A bankrupt or other person who is examined under this section shall not be entitled to refuse to answer any question put to him on the ground that his answer might incriminate him but none of his answers shall be admissible in evidence against him in any other proceedings, civil or criminal, except in the case of any criminal proceedings for perjury in respect of any such answer.