Bankruptcy Act 1988

Duties of bankrupt.

(1857, s. 132 in pt.)


19.The bankrupt shall—

( a) unless the Court otherwise directs, forthwith deliver up to the Official Assignee F24 [ such books of account, other papers or records (including copies of such books of account, other papers or records held in electronic form) ] relating to his estate in his possession or control as the Official Assignee may from time to time request and disclose to him such of them as are in the possession or control of any other person;

( b) deliver up possession of any part of his property which is divisible among his creditors under this Act, and which is for the time being in his possession or control, to the Official Assignee or any person authorised by the Court or otherwise under the provisions of this Act to take possession of it;

( c) unless the Court otherwise directs, within the prescribed time file in the Central Office a statement of affairs in the prescribed form and deliver a copy thereof to the Official Assignee;

( d) give every reasonable assistance to the Official Assignee in the administration of the estate;

( e) disclose to the Official Assignee any after-acquired property.