Bankruptcy Act 1988

Creditors' assignee.

(1857, ss. 64, 265)


F22 [ 18. (1) The creditors of a bankrupt may

(a) choose and appoint a person (in this Act referred to as the creditors assignee ) to represent them in the administration of the bankrupt s estate, and

(b) not later than 90 days after the date of the making of the adjudication order in respect of that bankruptcy apply to Court for confirmation of that appointment. ]

(2) All creditors shall be entitled to vote in such choice in person or by an agent authorised in writing in that behalf, and the choice and appointment shall be made by the major part in value of the creditors.

(3) The Court may reject any person so chosen who appears to the Court unfit to be a creditors' assignee or may remove a creditors' assignee and in the event of a vacancy, however arising, a new choice and appointment may be made in like manner.

(4) For the purposes of appointing a creditors' assignee a creditor may prove his debt.