Air Pollution Act 1987

F31[Further matters relating to fuels register.


22E. (1) As soon as practicable following the registration of a specified person on the fuels register, the Agency shall issue to that person a document containing a registration number relating to the registration and the information entered in the fuels register.

(2) The specified person shall comply with any conditions provided for under section 53 relating to display or maintenance of a record of the registration number issued under this section.

(3) If a particular entered in the fuels register by the Agency is incorrect, the specified person to whom the particular relates shall, as soon as may be after becoming aware of its being incorrect, inform the Agency thereof accordingly.

(4) The Agency shall, upon becoming aware that any particular entered in the fuels register is incorrect or has ceased to be correct, make such alterations to that register as it considers necessary.]




Inserted (31.08.2015) by Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2015 (29/2015), s. 24(1), S.I. No. 358 of 2015, subject to transitional provision in subs. (2).