Status of Children Act 1987

Succession rights.


29.The Act of 1965 is hereby amended by the insertion after section 4 of the following section:

“4A.—(1) In deducing any relationship for the purposes of this Act, the relationship between every person and his father and mother shall, subject to section 27A of this Act (inserted by the Act of 1987), be determined in accordance with section 3 of the Act of 1987, and all other relationships shall be determined accordingly.

(2) Where a person whose father and mother have not married each other dies intestate, he shall be presumed not to have been survived by his father, or by any person related to him through his father, unless the contrary is shown.

(3) The reference in section 75(1) to Part VI and the reference in the said section 75(1) to the foregoing provisions of the said Part VI shall, in relation to an instrument inter vivos made, or a will coming into operation, after the commencement of Part V of the Act of 1987, be construed as including references to this section.

(4) This section is without prejudice to section 26 (which, as construed in accordance with section 27 (3) of the Act of 1987, relates to the property rights of adopted persons) of the Adoption Act, 1952.

(5) This section shall not affect any rights under the intestacy of a person dying before the commencement of Part V of the Act of 1987.

(6) In this section ‘the Act of 1987’ means the Status of Children Act, 1987.”.