Control of Dogs Act 1986

Duties of a local authority.


15.(1) Every local authority shall employ one or more persons to be dog wardens for the purposes of this Act and every person so employed shall be furnished with a certificate of his appointment and when exercising a power under this Act shall, if requested by any person thereby affected, produce such certificate for inspection by the person.

(2) Every local authority shall establish and maintain one or more shelters for dogs seized, accepted or detained under any of the provisions of this Act and may, F12[] enter into arrangements with any person for the provision and maintenance of such shelters and for the exercise by such person of the functions of the local authority under this Act in respect of the acceptance, detention, disposal and destruction of stray and unwanted dogs.

(3) Subject to the provisions of this Act, a local authority may enter into arrangements with any other local authority, or with the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or, F12[] with a person connected with animal welfare, for the exercise of all or any of its functions, other than its functions under section 17 or section 30 of this Act, under this Act by, as the case may be, such other local authority, such Society or such person.

(4) A local authority may assist any person providing homes or shelters for stray or unwanted dogs by helping that person in money or kind or by the provision of services or facilities (including the services of staff).




Deleted (1.02.1999) by Control of Dogs (Amendment) Act 1992 (13/1992), s. 6, S.I. No. 443 of 1998.

Editorial Notes:


Delegation of reserved functions under section restricted in certain circumstances (1.06.2014) by Local Government (Performance of Reserved Functions in Respect of Municipal District Members) Regulations 2014 (S.I. No. 231 of 2014), art. 6(1), in effect as per art. 2.


Functions under subss. (2)-(4) designated reserved functions and performable by elected council of a local authority or members of a joint body as provided (1.01.2002) bv Local Government Act 2001 (37/2001), s. 131 and sch. 14A part 3 item 104, S.I. No. 588 of 2001.


Functions under subss. (2)-(4) designated reserved functions and performable by resolution of members of local authority as provided (1.03.1993) by Local Government Act, 1991 (Reserved Functions) Order 1993 (S.I. No. 37 of 1993), art. 2 and sch., in effect as per art. 3.