Protection of Employees (Employers Insolvency) Act 1984

Minister may require certain information and documents.


8.(1) Where an application is made to the Minister under section 6 or 7 of this Act in respect of a debt owed or unpaid contributions to an occupational pensions scheme, the Minister may require—

(a) the employer concerned, or, in case a relevant officer is or is required to be appointed, that officer, to provide him with such information as the Minister may reasonably require for the purpose of determining whether the application is well-founded, and

(b) any person having the custody or control of any relevant record kept and retained pursuant to section 10 of the Holidays (Employees) Act, 1973, or any register, card, wages sheet, record of wages or other document which an officer of the Minister may reasonably consider to be relevant to the application to produce to such officer such document for examination by him.

(2) A requirement under this section shall be made by notice in writing given to the person on whom the requirement is imposed and may be varied or revoked by a subsequent notice so given.