Protection of Employees (Employers Insolvency) Act 1984

Amendment of section 3 of and First Schedule to Act of 1973.


13.The Act of 1973 is hereby amended by—

( a) the substitution in paragraph ( a) of section 3(1) of “ eighteen hours ” for “twenty-one hours”, and

( b) the substitution of “ eighteen hours ” for “twenty-one hours” in paragraph 8 of the First Schedule;

and the said paragraphs ( a) and 8, as so amended, are set out in paragraphs 1 and 2, respectively, of the Table to this section.


1. ( a) employment of an employee who is normally expected to work for the same employer for less than eighteen hours in a week.

2. 8. Any week in which an employee is not normally expected to work for at least eighteen hours or more will not count in computing a period of service.