Local Authorities (Traffic Wardens) Act 1975

Prosecution of offences.


5.F22[Proceedings for an offence to which section 3 applies or an offence under section 3(12) or 4 may be brought and prosecuted summarily by the local authority in whose functional area the offence is alleged to have been committed or where the local authority concerned has entered into an agreement with another local authority under section 7 by that other authority].




Substituted (21.07.2006) by Road Traffic Act 2006 (23/2006), s. 15(5), S.I. No. 384 of 2006.

Editorial Notes:


Previous affecting provision: section amended (3.04.2006) by Road Traffic Act 2002 (12/2002), s. 12(3), S.I. No. 134 of 2006, substituted as per F-note above.


Previous amending provision: section substituted by Dublin Transport Authority Act 1986 (15/1986), s. 15(6), not commenced; repealed (1.01.1988) by Dublin Transport Authority (Dissolution) Act 1987 (34/1987), s. 13, commenced as per s. 15(5).