Criminal Procedure Act 1967

F26 [ Jurisdiction of Circuit Court to remand accused to alternative circuit and hear applications.


4Q. (1) Notwithstanding any other enactment, where the accused has been sent forward for trial in accordance with this Part to the Circuit Court, it may remand the accused in custody to appear at a sitting of the Circuit Court ( alternative court ) in the circuit of the Circuit Court in which is situated the prison or place of detention where the accused is to be held in custody.

(2) If the accused is remanded under this section to a sitting of an alternative court

( a ) the alternative court may, from time to time as occasion requires, further remand the accused, in custody or on bail, to that court or another alternative court,

( b ) a reference in section 4B(3) or (5), 4E or 4P to the trial court shall be read as a reference to the alternative court to which the accused is remanded, and

( c ) the alternative court shall have the same power to correct any defect in the charge against the accused as the trial court has under section 4O.

(3) An alternative court shall, for the purposes of the trial of the offence, remand the accused to a sitting of the Circuit Court in the circuit of the Circuit Court

( a ) in which the offence was committed, or

( b ) in which the accused was arrested or resides. ]