Housing Act 1966

Compulsory acquisition of land not immediately required.


77.A housing authority may be authorised to acquire compulsorily for the purposes, and in accordance with section 76, of this Act, land not immediately required for those purposes, provided that the Minister is of opinion that there is reasonable expectation that the land will be required by the authority in the future in order to attain any of the objectives to which they are required by subsection (3) of section 55 of this Act to have regard in preparing a building programme.


Modifications (not altering text):


Reference to “Minister” construed (1.01.2001) by Planning and Development Act 2000 (30/2000), s. 214(2)(f)(i), S.I. No. 449 of 2000.

Transfer of Minister’s functions in relation to compulsory acquisition of land to Board.

214.— ...

(2) For the purposes of the compulsory acquisition of land by a local authority the following constructions shall apply: ...

(f) (i) the references to the Minister, or to the appropriate Minister, in sections 76, 77, 78 [and 80] of, and the Third Schedule to, the Housing Act, 1966, shall be construed as referring to the Board and any connected references shall be construed accordingly;