Housing Act 1966

Requiring information from tenants and persons applying for tenancies.


61.(1) A housing authority may, for the purposes of enabling them to determine the rent that shall be payable by a person to whom they have let or who has applied to have let to him a dwelling provided under this Act, require the person to furnish to the authority, within a specified period ending not less than fourteen days after being so required, particulars in writing of the following matters:

(a) the number of members of the person’s family residing with him, together with their ages, sex, occupations and conditions of health;

(b) the weekly income of the person and of each of the members of his family residing with him;

(c) any assistance, benefit or allowance received by or on behalf of the person or a member of his family residing with him from state funds or under the F51[Social Welfare (Supplementary Welfare Allowances) Act, 1975 (No. 28 of 1975)], the Health Acts, 1947 to 1960, or from any other source whatsoever;

(d) the means of transport available to bring such person and the members of his family residing with him to their places of work, or in the case of children, to school and the cost of such transport;

(e) the terms upon which premises are occupied by him, the amount of rent payable in respect of such premises and the name and address of the person to whom such rent is payable.

(2) Any person who is required under this section to state any matter or thing and either fails to state the matter or thing within the period specified under this section, or when stating such matter or thing, makes a statement in writing which to his knowledge is false or misleading in a material respect shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding twenty-five pounds.




Substituted (1.07.1977) by Social Welfare (Supplementary Welfare Allowances) Regulations 1977 (S.I. No. 168 of 1977), reg. 19(3) and sch. 2, in effect as per reg. 2.


Repealed by Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 (22/2009), s. 7 and sch. 1, not commenced as of date of revision.

Modifications (not altering text):


Prospective affecting provision: section repealed by Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 (22/2009), s. 7 and sch. 1, not commenced as of date of revision.



Subs. (2) applied with modifications (1.09.1992) by Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992 (18/1992), s. 33(1)(a) and (b)(i), S.I. No. 223 of 1992. The maximum fine of £1,000 translates into a class C fine not exceeding €2,500 as provided (4.01.2011) by Fines Act 2010 (8/2010), ss. 3, 6, S.I. No. 662 of 2010.

Increase in fines, etc.

33.—(1) (a) Any person convicted of an offence for which a fine is provided under a provision referred to in paragraph (b) shall, in lieu of that fine, be liable to a fine not exceeding £1,000 and those sections shall be construed and have effect accordingly.

(b) The provisions to which paragraph (a) relates are as follows:

(i) in the Principal Act, sections 3(5), 4(2) and 61(2), subsection (7) (inserted by the Housing Act, 1970 ) of section 62, section 64(2), subsections (3) and (4) of section 65, section 67(3), subsections (1), (2) and (3)(b) of section 68 and subsections (1)(a) and (2) of section 69, and