Defence Act 1954


Matters in respect of which regulations may be made under section 26.

1. The precedence of the respective defence forces forming the Defence Forces and the various service corps, staffs, units and elements thereof.

2. The seniority of officers.

3. The persons to be invested as officers or otherwise with command over the Defence Forces or any part thereof and as to the mode in which such command is to be exercised, so however that command shall not be exercised by any person over a person holding a higher rank than himself.

4. The appointment to, promotion in, and tenure of commissioned rank in the Defence Forces.

5. The appointments to be held by officers and men.

6. The tenure in any office, appointment or capacity in the Defence Forces.

7. The retirement of officers of the Permanent Defence Force, the relinquishment of their commissions by officers of the Reserve Defence Force, the resignation of their commissions by officers and the discharge of men.

8. The officers who are to be commanding officers and company commanders respectively for the purposes of this Act.

9. The seconding of officers to civil or quasi-military appointments.

10. The leave of absence of members of the Defence Forces.

11. The uniform and insignia to be worn by members of the Defence Forces.

12. The orders and decorations to be worn by members of the Defence Forces.

13. The attendance, whether within or without the State, at special classes and courses of instruction of members of the Defence Forces selected for such attendance.

14. The examination of members of the Defence Forces as to proficiency in military subjects and as to their general educational or technical qualifications, and the granting of certificates of proficiency.

15. The classification of men by reference to particular ranks or grades of ranks, qualifications and appointments.

16. The training and inspection of the Defence Forces, the formation of training camps, and the holding of exercises for the Defence Forces.

17. The regulation of artillery, rifle, and bombing and other army, naval or air practice, and the preservation of the public safety thereat.

18. The care, inspection and testing of arms, accoutrements, ammunition, supplies, animals, transport, vessels, aircraft, clothing and equipment of the Defence Forces.

19. Ceremonial duties, honours and salutes.

F412[20. The flying, certification and maintenance of service aircraft and the certification and maintenance of service aircraft material.]

21. The colours, flags or pendants proper to, or to be appropriated to the use of, service corps, staffs, units and other elements of the Defence Forces and State ships.

22. The precautions to be taken by State ships for the prevention of collisions at sea.

23. The lighting of State ships.

24. The commissioning and equipment of State ships.

25. The preservation, repair and docking of State ships.

26. The salvage services to be rendered by State ships.

27. Quarantine and customs regulations in relation to State ships and service aircraft.

28. The navigation and pilotage of State ships.

29. The management, control and safety of wharves and dockyards used for defence purposes and of explosives, oils, fuels, supplies and goods stored therein.

30. The survey of State ships and their engines and equipment.

31. The scale of issue of arms, accoutrements, ammunition, supplies, animals, transport, clothing, equipment and other matériel of the Defence Forces.

32. The establishment, conduct and control of messes, canteens and institutions for providing recreation and refreshment for members of the Defence Forces, and the accounting for and the control and disposal of the funds of such messes, canteens and institutions.

33. The establishment of, accounting for and control and disposal of, service funds and funds for the welfare of members of the Defence Forces and their families.

34. The conditions and terms of service of civilian employees.

35. The lending of service equipment free of charge or on hire.

36. Any matter or thing referred to in Part III of this Act as prescribed or as the subject of regulations made by the Minister.

37. Any other matter or thing which is not otherwise expressly provided for by or under this Act and which, in the opinion of the Minister, is necessary for securing the good government, efficiency and internal control and management of the Defence Forces or for carrying out and giving effect to this Act.




Substituted (24.06.1987) by Defence (Amendment) Act 1987 (8/1987), s. 15, commenced on enactment.