Industrial Relations Act 1946

Court wages order.


77.(1) An application may be made to the Court by a trade union or other body for an order fixing rates of remuneration for a class of workers to whom, immediately before the commencement of this Act, no wages (standard rate) order applied.

(2) Where an application is made to the Court under this section in respect of a class of workers, the following provisions shall have effect—

(a) if the applicant appears to the Court to be representative of workers of that class, the Court shall publish notice of the application in such manner as, in the opinion of the Court, is best calculated to bring the application to the notice of all persons concerned;

(b) the Court shall consider the application and shall hear all persons appearing to the Court to be concerned and desiring to be heard;

(c) the Court may, as it thinks fit, refuse the application or make an order providing for such rates of remuneration for the said class of workers as the Court thinks fit;

(d) where the Court makes such order—

(i) if the applicant notifies the Court, within sixteen days after the making of the order, that the order is not acceptable, the Court shall thereupon revoke the order,

(ii) if the applicant does not so notify the Court the order shall, as on and from the expiration of the said sixteen days, have the like effect as if it were a recorded wages (standard rate) order and bonus order, and

(iii) references in the subsequent sections of this Part to wages (standard rate) orders and bonus orders shall be construed as including references to orders under this section, with the modifications that references to recording shall, in relation to an order under this section, have effect as references to the making of the order, and references to cancellation of a recording shall have effect as references to the revocation of the order.