Central Bank Act 1942

F491[Reconstitution of Appeals Tribunal during hearing of appeal.


57Y.(1) The Chairperson may replace a member during the hearing of an appeal if the member becomes mentally or physically incapacitated or otherwise becomes unavailable, or ceases to be a member, before the appeal is determined, but only if the parties agree.

(2) The Appeals Tribunal as so reconstituted is to have regard to the evidence and decisions in relation to the matter that were given or made before it was reconstituted.

(3) If a party does not agree to the reconstitution of the Appeals Tribunal under this section, that Tribunal, as constituted in accordance with this Part, is required to reconsider the proceedings.

(4) When reconsidering proceedings, the Appeals Tribunal may, for the purposes of the proceedings, have regard to any record of the proceedings before that Tribunal as previously constituted, including a record of any evidence taken in the proceedings.]




Part VIIA (ss. 57A-57AZ) inserted (1.08.2004) by Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland Act 2003 (12/2003), s. 28, S.I. No. 454 of 2004, subject to transitional provisions in s. 36 and sch. 3.