Air Navigation and Transport Act 2022


Directions by Minister to IANS

5. (1) The Minister may give a direction in writing to the IANS—

(a) requiring the IANS—

(i) to comply with policy decisions of a general kind made by the Government in relation to aviation in so far as the decisions affect functions of the IANS, or

(ii) to do or refrain from doing anything to which a function of the IANS relates specified in the direction the doing, or the refraining from the doing, of which is, in the opinion of the Minister—

(I) necessary or expedient in the national interest, or

(II) for the purpose of enabling the Government or the State to—

(A) become a member of an international organisation whose principal function or one of whose principal functions relates to air navigation,

(B) become a party to an international agreement relating wholly or mainly to air navigation, or

(C) discharge its obligations as a member of such an organisation or as a party to such an agreement,


(b) whenever the Minister is satisfied that the interests of the State or the public so require, requiring the IANS to achieve and maintain, in relation to the measures taken by it and the human and material resources employed by it for the purpose of safeguarding civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference, standards not lower than those specified.

(2) If the IANS considers that compliance by it with a direction under subsection (1) would adversely affect the safety of aircraft, it shall so inform the Minister.

(3) The IANS shall comply with a direction given to it under subsection (1).