Air Navigation and Transport Act 2022


Continuation in force of Commission superannuation schemes or arrangements

117. (1) Every scheme or arrangement in relation to superannuation administered by the Commission immediately before the dissolution day shall, on that day, continue in force as if made by the IAA.

(2) All liabilities, duties, obligations and funding (including pension increases and supplementary pension payments) arising by virtue of the operation of a scheme or arrangement referred to in subsection (1) and carried out immediately before the dissolution day by the Commission shall, upon the dissolution day, stand transferred to the IAA.

(3) Every right and liability transferred by this section to the IAA may be sued on, recovered or enforced by or against the IAA in the name of the IAA and it shall not be necessary for the IAA to give notice to any person of the transfer of any right or liability.

(4) This section shall not apply to—

(a) the Single Public Service Pension Scheme, or

(b) a person who is a member of that Scheme.