Affordable Housing Act 2021


Arrangements between housing authority and the Agency

42. (1) A housing authority may enter into an arrangement with the Land Development Agency(in this section referred to as the “Agency”) whereby the housing authority shall—

(a) notify the public in accordance with section 9 before the Agency makes dwellings available for sale, and

(b) assess and determine—

(i) in accordance with section 10 , the eligibility of applicants for dwellings to be sold by the Agency, and

(ii) in accordance with section 11 , the relative priority to be afforded to applicants for dwellings to be sold by the Agency,

as if the houses to be provided by the Agency were to be sold under an affordable dwelling purchase arrangement within the meaning of Part 2 .

(2) Where the Agency sells dwellings that are the subject of an arrangement referred to in subsection (1) such dwellings shall be sold to eligible purchasers in accordance with the relative priority determined by the housing authority subject to agreement being reached between the Agency and such purchasers regarding such sale.


Modifications (not altering text):


Reference to "Land Development Agency" construed (31.03.2022, dissolution day) by Land Development Agency Act 2021 (26/2021), s. 36(2), S.I. No. 144 of 2022.

Transfer of functions to Agency

36. ...

(2) References to the dissolved body in any enactment (other than this Act) or any instrument made under such an enactment shall, on and after the dissolution day, be construed as references to the Agency.