Residential Tenancies Act 2020


Entitlement to remain in occupation of dwelling during emergency period

4. (1) A tenant—

(a) upon whom a notice of termination was served in accordance with the Act of 2004 before the commencement of the emergency period, and

(b) who has remained in occupation of the dwelling to which the notice relates from the expiration of the required period of notice (whether or not with the consent of the landlord concerned) until the date of the commencement of the emergency period,

shall be entitled to remain in occupation of the dwelling until the date that is 10 days after the expiration of the emergency period subject to terms and conditions that shall be the same as the terms and conditions that applied in respect of the tenancy of the dwelling concerned immediately before the service of that notice.

(2) A person shall not, by virtue of the operation of this section, acquire any rights under Part 4 of the Act of 2004.

F3[(3) In this section "notice of termination" does not include a notice of termination that cites as a reason for the termination concerned the failure by the tenant to comply with paragraph (a) of section 16 of the Act of 2004.]




Inserted (30.03.2021) by Residential Tenancies Act 2021, s. 2(b), commenced on enactment.