Data Sharing and Governance Act 2019



32. The Minister shall publish, on a website maintained by him or her, the following in respect of information disclosed under this Part:

(a) a description of the information provided;

(b) the name of the public service body providing the information;

(c) the provision of this Part under which the information is provided;

(d) a description of the processing to which the information is subject;

(e) a description of the restrictions, if any, which apply to the further disclosure of the information;

(f) where a data protection impact assessment has been carried out in relation to the processing of the information, a summary of the matters referred to in Article 35(7) of the General Data Protection Regulation;

(g) a description of the security measures applying to the processing of the information;

(h) a description of the policies regarding the retention and destruction of the information;

(i) whether or not the information will be anonymised or pseudonymised following disclosure under this Part;

(j) such other details as the Minister considers necessary for the purposes of providing transparency with regard to the processing of the information.