Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2018


Amendment of section 35 of Principal Act

24. Section 35 of the Principal Act is amended in subsection (7) by inserting the following after paragraph (b):

“(ba) a registered society under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893 to 2014 that—

(i) carried out a development pursuant to a previous permission,

(ii) carried out a substantial unauthorised development, or

(iii) has been convicted of an offence under this Act,

or, during any period to which subparagraph (i) or (ii) relates or to which any conviction under subparagraph (iii) relates, the registered society was, during that period, controlled by the applicant—

(I) where, pursuant to section 15 of the Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014, ‘control’ has the same meaning as in section 220(5) of the Companies Act 2014, or

(II) as a shadow director within the meaning of section 2(1) of the Companies Act 2014,”.