Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2018


Amendment of section 33 of Principal Act

22. Section 33 of the Act of 2000 is amended in subsection (2)—

(a) by inserting the following after paragraph (c):

“(ca) providing for the waiving or reduction of a fee to which paragraph (c) would relate, or the payment of a different fee, in respect of submissions or observations made by a person in his or her capacity as a member of a local authority;”,


(b) by inserting the following after paragraph (k):

“(ka) facilitating the making and processing by electronic means of—

(i) planning applications, appeals, referrals, applications for approval, submissions and consents under this Act, and

(ii) the payment of fees, the issuing of decisions and setting out of requirements to which subparagraph (i) relates;

(kb) requiring the inputting of data by planning authorities into such databases or national planning systems as may be prescribed by the Minister;”.