Criminal Justice (Victims of Crime) Act 2017


Amendment of section 8 of Criminal Justice (Female Genital Mutilation) Act 2012

35. Section 8 of the Criminal Justice (Female Genital Mutilation) Act 2012 is amended—

(a) by the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (2):

“(2) Subsection (1) is without prejudice to the right of—

(a) a parent, relative or friend of the girl or woman in respect of whom the offence is alleged to have been committed or, where the accused person is not of full age, of the accused person, or

(b) a support worker chosen by the girl or woman referred to in paragraph (a),

to remain in court.”,


(b) by the insertion of the following subsection after subsection (3):

“(4) In this section, ‘support worker’ means a volunteer of, or an individual employed under a contract of service or under a contract for services by, an organisation which provides support to victims of crime.”.