Mediation Act 2017


Mediator report to court

17. (1) Where, following an invitation by the court under section 16(1), the parties to the proceedings concerned engage in mediation and subsequently apply to the court to re-enter the proceedings, the mediator shall prepare and submit to the court a written report which shall set out—

(a) where the mediation did not take place, a statement of the reasons as to why it did not take place, or

(b) where the mediation took place—

(i) a statement as to whether or not a mediation settlement has been reached between the parties in respect of the dispute the subject of the proceedings, and

(ii) if a mediation settlement has been reached on all, or some only of the, matters concerning that dispute, a statement of the terms of the mediation settlement.

(2) Except where otherwise agreed or directed by the court, a copy of a report prepared under subsection (1) shall be given to the parties at least 7 days prior to its submission to the court.