International Protection Act 2015


Accelerated appeal procedures in certain cases

43.         Where the report under section 39 includes any of the findings referred to in section 39(4), the following modifications shall apply in relation to an appeal under section 41 by the applicant concerned—

(a) the appeal shall be brought by notice in writing within such period, which may be a shorter period than that prescribed for the purposes of section 41(2)(a), from the date of the sending to the applicant of the notification under section 40, as may be prescribed under section 77,

(b) notwithstanding the provisions of section 42, the Tribunal, unless it considers it is not in the interests of justice to do so, shall make its decision in relation to the appeal without holding an oral hearing, and

(c) the notification referred to in section 40(1) shall include a statement informing the applicant concerned of the effect of the modifications referred to in paragraph (a) and (b).