Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Enforcement of order of Disciplinary Tribunal under this Part

90.  (1) Where, on application by the Authority in circumstances where the matter is not otherwise before the High Court, it is shown that a legal practitioner or any other person has refused, neglected or otherwise failed, without reasonable cause, to comply in whole or in part with a direction, determination or order to which subsection (4) applies, the Court may by order direct the legal practitioner or other person, as the case may be, to comply in whole or in part as may be appropriate, with the direction, determination or order.

(2) An application by the Authority pursuant to subsection (1) shall be on notice to the legal practitioner or other person concerned unless the High Court otherwise orders.

(3) An order of the High Court under subsection (1) may contain such provisions of a consequential nature as the Court considers appropriate.

(4) This subsection applies to the following—

(a) a direction of the Authority under section 60(6) or 61(6);

(b) a determination of a Review Committee under section 62(5);

(c) a direction of a Divisional Committee under section 71(1)(a);

(d) an order of the Disciplinary Tribunal under section 82(1).