Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Publication of reports by Authority relating to its functions under this Part

73.  (1) The Authority shall publish, in such manner as the Authority considers appropriate, a report on the performance of its functions under this Part.

(2) A report referred to in subsection (1) shall include information in respect of the relevant reporting period of—

(a) the number and type of complaints received by the Authority under this Part during the relevant reporting period,

(b) the general nature and outcome of those complaints,

(c) the number of complaints referred to the Complaints Committee in the relevant reporting period, and

(d) the outcome of those complaints which were considered by the Complaints Committee during the relevant reporting period including—

(i) the sanction imposed by the Complaints Committee,

(ii) where a sanction was imposed, the nature of the act or omission that was the subject of the complaint,

(iii) the measures taken by the Complaints Committee, and

(iv) where the Complaints Committee made a determination under section 71(1), and where the Authority considers it appropriate, the name of the legal practitioner concerned.

(3) A report published under subsection (1) shall be published by the Authority at intervals no greater than 6 months.