Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Review of Act

6.   (1) The Authority shall—

(a) not later than 18 months after the establishment day, and not later than the end of each subsequent 3 year period, commence a review of the operation of this Act, and

(b) not later than 12 months after the commencement of a review under paragraph (a), make a report to each House of the Oireachtas of its findings and conclusions, including such recommendations (if any) to the Minister resulting from that review as it considers appropriate.

(2) Recommendations under subsection (1)(b) shall include such recommendations (if any) for amendments to this Act (including amendments to Part 7), the Solicitors Acts 1954 to 2015 or any instrument made under those Acts, as the Authority considers appropriate arising from its findings and conclusions.

(3) In conducting a review under this section, the Authority shall consult with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, professional bodies and such other persons as the Authority considers appropriate for such purpose.