Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Preliminary review of complaints

57.  (1) Where the Authority receives a complaint under this Part, it shall conduct a preliminary review of the complaint to determine whether or not the complaint is admissible.

(2) The Authority, for the purpose of its preliminary review under subsection (1), shall notify the legal practitioner concerned of the complaint, which notification shall request the legal practitioner to respond to the Authority, within such reasonable period as is specified in the notification, with his or her observations on the complaint.

(3) A notification under subsection (2) shall be accompanied by a copy of the complaint and any documents relating to the complaint that are submitted by the complainant.

(4) The Authority, for the purpose of determining whether a complaint is admissible under section 58, may request from the complainant or the legal practitioner further information relating to the complaint.

(5) The Authority, having considered the response (if any) of the legal practitioner to the notification under subsection (2) and any information received under subsection (4), shall, in accordance with section 58, determine that the complaint is—

(a) admissible,

(b) inadmissible, or

(c) one to which section 58(6) applies.

(6) The Authority shall notify the complainant and the legal practitioner concerned of its determination under this section and of the reasons for its determination.

(7) Where the Authority makes a determination referred to in subsection (5)(b), it shall take no further action under this Part in relation to the complaint.