Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Power to appoint consultants and advisers and to enter into contracts

17.  (1) The Authority may, with the approval of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, from time to time and as it may consider necessary to assist it in the performance of its functions—

(a) enter into contracts with persons or bodies, and

(b) appoint consultants or advisers.

(2) There may be paid by the Authority, out of the resources at its disposal, to persons, bodies, consultants or advisers referred to in subsection (1), such fees (if any) or allowances for expenses (if any) incurred by them as the Authority may determine.

(3) Any fees or allowances for expenses due to a consultant or advisor appointed under this section shall form part of the expenses of the Authority.

(4) The appointment of a person as a consultant or adviser shall be for such period and subject to such terms and conditions as the Authority considers appropriate.