Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Agreement regarding legal costs, etc.

151. (1) A legal practitioner and his or her client may make an agreement in writing concerning the amount, and the manner of payment, of all or part of the legal costs that are or may be payable by the client to the legal practitioner for legal services provided in relation to a matter.

(2) An agreement under subsection (1) may include all the particulars required by section 150(4) and if it does—

(a) the legal practitioner need not also provide a notice referred to in subsection (2) of that section, and

(b) references to the notice under that section shall be taken to include references to the agreement.

(3) An agreement under subsection (1) shall constitute the entire agreement between the legal practitioner and the client as respects the provision of legal services in relation to the matter concerned, and no other amount shall be chargeable in relation to those legal services, except to the extent otherwise indicated in the agreement.

(4) An agreement under subsection (1) shall, in an adjudication under this Part, be amenable to adjudication by the Chief Legal Costs Adjudicator or a Legal Costs Adjudicator.