Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Authority to maintain register of limited liability partnerships

126. (1) The Authority shall establish and maintain a register (in this section referred to as the “register”) of limited liability partnerships.

(2) The Authority shall enter the following details in the register in relation to a limited liability partnership:

(a) the name and address of each of the partners in that partnership;

(b) the full name of the partnership and address at which the partnership ordinarily carries on business;

(c) the date on which the authorisation is to take effect under section 125(6);

(d) details of any order under section 128 suspending an authorisation issued under section 125, the period for which the suspension is to operate and any conditions imposed by the High Court under that section;

(e) details of any order under section 128 which revokes an authorisation issued under section 125.

(3) If a particular entered in the register is incorrect, the limited liability partnership to which the particular relates shall, as soon as may be after becoming aware of its being incorrect, inform the Authority thereof accordingly.

(4) The Authority shall, upon becoming aware that any particular entered in the register is incorrect or has ceased to be correct, make such alterations to that register as it considers necessary.

(5) The Authority shall record in the register the date from which an authorisation stands revoked under subsection (2) or subsection (3) of section 129.

(6) The Authority shall make the register available for inspection free of charge to members of the public in such form and manner as it thinks appropriate.