Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015


Protective measures

112. (1) In this section “ measure ” means a measure directed to the protection of the person or property of an adult, including any of the following:

(a) the determination of incapacity and the institution of a protective regime;

(b) placing the adult under the protection of a judicial or administrative authority;

(c) guardianship, curatorship or any corresponding system;

(d) the designation and functions of a person having charge of the adult’s person or property, or representing or otherwise helping him or her;

(e) placing the adult in a place where protection can be provided;

(f) administering, conserving or disposing of the adult’s property;

(g) authorising a specific intervention for the protection of the person or property of the adult.

(2) Where a measure of like effect to a measure has been taken in relation to a person before he or she reached 18 years of age, this Part applies to the measure in so far as it has effect in relation to him or her once he or she has reached that age.