National Cultural Institutions (National Concert Hall) Act 2015


Transfer of rights and liabilities

34. (1) All rights and liabilities of the dissolved company, subsisting immediately before the establishment day and arising by virtue of any contract or commitment (express or implied) entered into by it before the establishment day shall, on that day, stand transferred to the NCH.

(2) Every right and liability transferred by subsection (1) to the NCH may, on and after the establishment day, be sued on, recovered or enforced by or against the NCH in its own name and it shall not be necessary for the NCH or the dissolved company to give notice to a person whose right or liability is transferred by that subsection of such transfer.

(3) Every lease, licence, way leave or permission granted by the dissolved company prior to dissolution in relation to land or other property vested in the NCH by or under this Act and in force immediately before the establishment day, shall continue in force on and after that day as if granted by the NCH.