Public Health (Standardised Packaging of Tobacco) Act 2015


Presentation of tobacco products

13. (1) A tobacco product, any retail packaging of a tobacco product, including any brand name, business name or company name F22[, or other text,] printed thereon, or any bar-code or similar identification mark F22[, or calibration mark,] printed on the outside packaging of a tobacco product shall not—

(a) promote a tobacco product or encourage its consumption by containing information or statements that create an erroneous impression in relation to the characteristics, health effects, hazards or emissions of the tobacco product,

(b) contain information or statements that suggest a tobacco product is less harmful than other tobacco products or that it reduces the effect of some of the harmful components of smoke,

(c) contain information or statements that suggest that a tobacco product has a vitalising, energetic, healing, rejuvenating, natural or organic properties, or that it has lifestyle benefits,

(d) make any reference to the taste, smell, flavouring of the tobacco product or other additives contained in the product or the absence thereof,

(e) contain any element or feature that resembles a food or a cosmetic product,

(f) suggest that the tobacco product has improved biodegradability or other environmental advantages.

(2) It shall be an offence for a person to manufacture, import or sell tobacco products in relation to which there is a contravention of this section.

(3) In this section “tobacco product” includes a tobacco product intended to be placed on the market.




Inserted (16.02.2017) by Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2017 (1/2017), s. 16, commenced on enactment.