Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicles Act 2015


Minutes of meetings

88. (1) An ICAV shall as soon as may be cause minutes of all proceedings of general meetings of the ICAV and all proceedings at meetings of its directors or committees of directors to be entered in books kept for that purpose.

(2) Any such minute if purporting to be signed by the person chairing the meeting, or by the person chairing the next following meeting, shall be evidence of the proceedings.

(3) Where minutes have been made in accordance with this section of the proceedings at any general meeting of the ICAV or meeting of directors or committee of directors, then, until the contrary is shown, the meeting shall be deemed to have been duly held and convened, and all proceedings at the meeting to have been duly had, and all appointments of directors or liquidators shall be deemed to be valid.

(4) An ICAV shall, if required by the Director of Corporate Enforcement, produce to the Director for inspection the book or books kept in accordance with subsection (1) and shall give to the Director such facilities for inspecting and taking copies of the contents of the book or books as the Director may require.

(5) If an ICAV fails to comply with subsection (1) or (4), the ICAV and any officer of it who is in default commits a category 3 offence.