Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicles Act 2015


Transfer: supplementary

45. (1) Nothing in the preceding provisions of this Part prejudices any power of an ICAV to register as shareholder or debenture holder any person to whom the right to any shares in or debentures of the ICAV has been transmitted by operation of law.

(2) A transfer of registered shares or other interest of a deceased member of an ICAV made by the deceased member’s personal representatives shall, although the personal representatives are not members of the ICAV, be as valid as if they had been such a member at the time of the execution of the instrument of transfer.

(3) On the death of any one of the joint holders of any shares in an ICAV, the survivor is to be the only person recognised by the ICAV as having any title to or any interest in those shares.

(4) The production to an ICAV of any document which is by law sufficient evidence of probate of the will or letters of administration of the estate of a deceased person having been granted to some person shall be accepted by the ICAV, despite anything in its instrument of incorporation, as sufficient evidence of the grant.