Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicles Act 2015


Bank’s notice to ICAV of intention to strike it off register

157. (1) The Bank may give notice in accordance with section 158 of the Bank’s intention to strike an ICAV off the register of ICAVs on a ground set out in any of paragraphs (a) to (e) of section 156 .

(2) The Bank shall send the notice—

(a) except where paragraph (b) applies, to the ICAV,

(b) if the ground for striking off is that set out in section 156(c) or (d) and an individual is recorded by the Bank as the liquidator of the ICAV, to the liquidator.

(3) The Bank shall also send a copy of the notice to such persons, if any, as are recorded by the Bank as being current directors of the ICAV but non-compliance with this subsection does not affect the validity of a notice that otherwise complies with subsection (1) .

(4) Instead of giving a notice under subsection (1), the Bank may publish a notice in Iris Oifigiúil containing the information required by section 158 if no notice of the situation of the registered office of the ICAV has been given to the Bank as required by sections 7 and 11(2).